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Amateur Radio Association, New Delhi.

Visit www.vu2ard.net for the ARA

71-B, Pocket A-9, Kalkaji Extension,
New Delhi - 110 019, India.

The club callsign of ARA is VU2ARD

I receive lots of queries on Amateur Radio regulations in India.  Ham Radio in India is governed by the Indian Wireless Telegraphs (Amateur Service) Rules 1978.  These are published by the Government of India and are sold in outlets selling Government of India publications.  'Kitab Ghar' on Baba Kharag Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi is one such place I know of. 

You may buy a copy for about Rs. 7/-, or otherwise access this electronic copy that I have kept here.  For those who prefer to use the electronic copy, be sure to read my disclaimer on the top.  This publication should answer most of the queries.

Amateur Radio Association is a non-profit voluntary body of Indian Radio Hams. It is based in Delhi. Its activities include encouraging amateur radio in India, generating awareness of ham radio, promoting indigenous development of ham equipment and assisting its members in ham radio activities. It promotes communication and exchange among its members.

Achievements of the ARA :

The ARA has pioneered extensive Research & Development into indigenous development of ham equipment in India using locally available components. Imported equipment in India is extremely expensive and is usually beyond the reach of most hobbyists and students. With a view to making ham radio affordable to all, immense efforts have been put in by ARA members over the last decade. As a result, know-how for home brewing practically all kinds of ham equipment is available from ARA.

  1. ARA has developed VHF base stations and hand held VHF equipment which can be fully assembled using components available locally.
  2. ARA has also developed HF transceivers for different bands.
  3. Antennae suited for different needs have been made locally by ARA members.
  4. Varieties of test equipment, power supplies, digital frequency counters have also been developed at VU2ARD.
  5. ARA has pioneered the use of packet radio in Northern India
  6. ARA members have assisted the nation in times of crises by providing vital communication links at times of natural disasters.
Assistance to members is available in the form of standardised PCBs, circuit diagrams, detailed assembling instructions, chassis etc. All of these have been tested and are currently in use by many ARA members.

The association also publishes a quarterly journal "Spark" which is mailed free of cost to members. Subscription information for non-members is available on the above address.


No home page of the ARA can be complete without mentioning the names of VU2IF, Dr. Ashutosh Singh, and VU2WVX, fondly referred to as just 'Bhatiaji'. Dr. Ashutosh Singh is one of the most respected and senior figures in the community of Indian hams. He was a member of the first Indian scientific expedition to the Antarctica and held the flag of the Indian ham flying high when he established contact between the Indian camp on Antarctica and mainland India. He is the driving force behind the ARA.

Bhatiaji (VU2WVX) has invested countless number of personal hours for developing equipment that ARA is so proud of. No wonder that many of ARAs developments carry the name WVX.

Both VU2IF and VU2WVX can be reached at ARA's address above.


Membership of the Amateur Radio Association is open to all Indian hams and application forms are available on request. The membership fees is nominal and is directed to paying postage and printing costs.

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